Churchstow, St Mary: burials 1733-1812

Dates before 1752 have been converted to the modern calendar.
ATWALL Joanna   Village 6-Sep 1735  
BALL Amy   Village 2-Jan 1792  
BALL James   Village 17-Nov 1780  
BALL Mary Child Village 14-Jul 1783  
BARNETT John   Village 10-Feb 1766 Taylor
BEARNS Betty   Village 13-Jan 1795  
BEARNS William   Village 11-Jan 1798  
BEAVIL James Infant Village 30-May 1793 Poor
BEAVIL William Infant Village 30-May 1793 Poor
BEBIL Elizabeth   Village 14-Jan 1755  
BEBIL James   Village 17-Apr 1754  
BEBIL James   Village 26-Jun 1755  
BEER John   Village 18-Sep 1770 Son Of Jonathan & Elizabeth
BEER William   Village 31-Mar 1791  
BEVIL Agnes   Village 17-Apr 1750  
BEVIL Dorothy   Village 12-Dec 1773  
BEVIL Joanna   Village 23-Jan 1768 Dau Of Matthew
BEVIL Mary   Village 18-Jul 1758  
BEVIL Matthew   Village 2-Mar 1783  
BEVIL William   Village 20-Sep 1743  
BEVIL William   Village 19-Sep 1773  
BEVIL William   Village 18-Mar 1783  
BEVILL Ann 86 Village 23-Nov 1800  
BEVILL James Infant Village 9-Feb 1787  
BEVILL John Infant Village 9-Feb 1787  
BEVILL Mary   Village 13-Dec 1802  
BICKFORD Mary Infant Village 15-Dec 1801  
BICKFORD Mary   Village 23-Dec 1801 Mrs
BROOKING John   Village 18-Dec 1778  
BROOKING Sarah   Village 1-Dec 1778  
BROOKING William   Village 25-Sep 1768 Son Of John
BROWN Elizabeth   Village 11-Jun 1757  
BROWN John   Village 5-Nov 1740  
BUCKLEY Elizabeth   Totnes 3-Feb 1736 Wife Of James - Esq
BURNELL Jane   Village 16-Apr 1783  
CLEVERLY Rebecca Child Village 20-Nov 1748  
CLOSTER ? Jane   Village 6-Nov 1785  
COLE Dinah   Village 5-Nov 1807  
COLE Dorothy   Village 22-Sep 1751  
COLE Elizabeth   Village 3-Aug 1734  
COLE Honour   Village 13-Apr 1771  
COLE Jane   Village 4-Mar 1735  
COLE Jane   Village 18-Jul 1742  
COLE John   Village 18-Jun 1808  
COLE Mary   Village 10-Feb 1802  
COLE Nicholas   Village 14-Jan 1740  
COLE Nicholas   Village 13-Jan 1795  
COLE Nicolas   Village 26-Jan 1747  
COLE Samuel   Village 4-Jun 1773  
CORSE William   Village 16-Mar 1739  
COVE Sarah   Aveton Gifford 12-Sep 1740  
COWEL Mary   Village 29-Jul 1738  
COWEL Thomas   Village 18-Apr 1739 Son Of Thomas
COWELL Elizabeth   Village 21-Apr 1745  
COWELL Mary   Village 25-Jun 1746  
COWLEY Joseph   Village 16-Jul 1740  
COWLEY Mary   Village 9-Nov 1757  
COWLEY Mary   Village 27-May 1776  
COWLING Mary   Village 17-May 1799  
CRANCH John   Village 24-Jan 1734  
CRIDDLE Joanna   Village 20-Jan 1766  
CRISPIN Ann   Village 31-Mar 1803  
CRISPIN Elizabeth   Village 7-May 1763  
CROCKER John   Village 7-Jan 1770  
CROCKER Mary   Village 2-Jan 1770 Wife Of John
CUMBE Mary   Village 11-Oct 1773 Wife Of John
DARLING ? William   Village 6-Jun 1760  
DATE Elizabeth   Village 29-Apr 1735 Wife Of William
DOLTON Dogory   Village 8-Jul 1759  
DOLTON Johana ?   Village 28-Oct 1759  
DOLTON Mary   Village 28-May 1769 Wife Of Thomas
DOWNING Elizabeth   Village 12-Jun 1748  
DOWNING John   Village 6-Feb 1740  
DREW Benjamin   Village 19-Jun 1778  
DREW Elizabeth   Village 21-Jan 1759  
DREW Elizabeth Child Village 22-Nov 1785  
DREW Henry   Village 3-Feb 1787  
DREW Honor   Village 2-Sep 1758  
DREW Honour   Village 5-Jul 1791 Wife Of Peter
DREW Jane   Village 5-Jun 1741  
DREW Joanna   Village 23-Feb 1770 Wife Of Henry
DREW John   Village 28-Feb 1776  
DREW John   Village 12-Apr 1794  
DREW Joseph   Village 8-May 1770 Son Of John
DREW Mary   Village 8-Nov 1775  
DREW Peter   Village 14-May 1811  
DREW Walter   Village 24-Feb 1738  
DREWE Elizabeth   Village 19-Jan 1773 Wife Of John
DREWE Peter   Village 2-Jun 1772  
DREWE Solomon   Village 27-Jun 1773  
EDWARDS Agnes   Village 27-Dec 1765 Pauper
EDWARDS Christopher   Village 8-May 1757  
EDWARDS Christopher   Village 13-Mar 1788  
EDWARDS Elizabeth   Village 21-Jul 1757  
EFFORD Dorothy   Village 12-May 1759  
EFFORD Dorothy   Village 4-May 1765  
EFFORD Elizabeth   Village 6-Aug 1806  
EFFORD Elizabeth   Village 26-Nov 1810  
EFFORD Lucy   Village 7-Jan 1783  
EFFORD Lucy   Village 28-Apr 1788 Dau Of Walter
EFFORD Margaret   Village 21-Apr 1755  
EFFORD Walter   Village 4-Jan 1743  
EFFORD Walter   Village 30-Nov 1782  
EFFORD William   Village 10-Apr 1737  
EFFORD William   Village 14-Nov 1772  
EVANS Joseph   Village 23-Jan 1736  
FAIRWEATHER Thomasin   Village 25-Nov 1741  
FERRARS Adam   Village 17-Aug 1757  
FERRIS ? Rebecca   Village 23-Nov 1754  
GARLAND Betsy   Village 21-Jan 1796  
GARLAND William   Village 20-Mar 1776  
GILL Margery   Village 18-Jan 1734  
GILL Mary   Village 29-Aug 1733  
GIST Abraham   Village 26-Aug 1741  
GIST Edmund   Village 8-Jun 1768  
GIST Edmund   Village 22-May 1799 Parish Clerk
GIST Elizabeth   Village 25-Jun 1754  
GIST Grace   Village 9-May 1749  
GIST Jane   Village 14-Jan 1774  
GIST Jenny   Village 11-Jun 1782  
GIST Margery   Village 20-Feb 1736  
GIST Walter   Village 25-Mar 1747  
HAMBLIN George   Village 17-Feb 1774  
HAMBLIN John   Village 25-Jul 1757  
HAMBLING Richard   Village 9-May 1805  
HAMBLYN Alice 87 Village 16-Dec 1801  
HAMBLYN Arthur   Village 22-Jan 1787  
HAMBLYN John   Village 12-Mar 1784 Son Of George - Poor
HAMLLYN Eleanor   Village 27-Sep 1780  
HAMLYN Francis   Village 7-Dec 1766 Husbandman
HAMLYN Mary Infant Village 30-Aug 1783  
HAMLYN Susanna   Village 6-Mar 1767 Wife Of George
HARDING Amy   Village 17-May 1768 Spinster
HARDING Humphry   Village 31-Jan 1783  
HARDING Joanna   Village 3-Apr 1733 Dau Of Nicholas & Mary
HARDING Mary   Village 8-Dec 1766 Widow
HARDING Naomi   Village 27-Nov 1740  
HARDING Nicholas   Village 14-Jul 1764  
HARDING Rebecca   Village 14-Jun 1782  
HARRIS John   Village 15-Jul 1741  
HARRIS John   Village 2-Dec 1744  
HARRIS Mary   Village 27-Jul 1741  
HARRIS Mary   Village 30-Dec 1743  
HARRIS Simon   Village 8-Apr 1738  
HATCH Elizabeth 60 Village 25-Mar 1792 Wife Of Stephen
HATCH Stephen   Village 30-Mar 1783  
HATCH Stephen 60 Village 25-Mar 1792  
HAWKINS Elizabeth 87 Village 25-Jan 1800 Wid Of Late John Esq - Norton
HAWKINS John   Village 16-Apr 1735  
HAWKINS John   Norton 18-Sep 1764 Esq
HAWKINS Judith   Village 18-Jul 1802 Mrs
HAWKINS Mary   Village 3-Mar 1766 Widow
HAWKINS Roger   Village 3-Feb 1744  
HAWKINS Sarah   Village 3-Jul 1733  
HAWKINS Sarah   Village 20-Mar 1783 Mrs
HAYNES Thomas   Village 15-Mar 1759  
HAYNES ? Amy   Village 6-Dec 1763  
HEAD Peter   Village 12-Apr 1741  
HEAD Robert   Village 6-Jan 1757  
HEAD Thomas   Village 7-Jan 1748  
HEAL Nicholas   Village 11-Dec 1771  
HEATH Peggy   Village 30-Jan 1791  
HELE Mary   Village 29-Oct 1750 Wife Of Nicolas
HELLIAR Elizabeth   Village 17-Feb 1762  
HELLIAR Richard   Village 2-Sep 1762  
HELLIER Joanna   Village 12-Jul 1768 Widow
HICKES John 85 Village 5-Feb 1801  
HILL Elizabeth   Village 13-Jun 1764  
HILL Mary   Village 26-Mar 1740  
HILL William   Village 1-May 1791  
HUMPHREYS William   Village 30-Sep 1807  
HURREL Joan   Village 28-May 1743  
HURRELL John   Village 15-Oct 1800  
HURRELL William   Village 31-Jan 1770  
JERVIS Elizabeth   Village 15-Mar 1803  
KENDELL Thomas   Village 29-May 1759  
KENNARD John   Village 11-May 1779  
KING Edmund   Village 25-Apr 1743  
KING Margaret   Modbury 3-Jan 1738  
KING William   Village 7-Jun 1743  
LANE Edward   Village 28-Dec 1782  
LANE John   Village 16-Mar 1788 Son Of Edward
LANE Mary   Village 10-Oct 1794  
LARMEY Honour   Village 15-Dec 1785  
LARMY Elizabeth   Village 18-Mar 1763  
LAY Mary   Village 5-Jun 1799  
LEARY Elizabeth   Village 23-Mar 1784  
LEE George   Village 10-Jan 1736  
LEE Margaret   Village 28-Nov 1735  
LEE Walter   Village 18-Aug 1755  
LEWGAR Mary   Village 21-Mar 1787  
LEY John   Village 27-Jun 1802  
LIDSTON Catherine   Village 21-May 1735  
LIDSTONE Elizabeth   Village 24-Mar 1780  
LIDSTONE Elizabeth   Village 4-Aug 1789 Wife Of Daniel
LIDSTONE Elizabeth   Village 14-Nov 1790  
LIDSTONE John   Village 2-Dec 1750  
LIDSTONE Mary   Village Mar 1777  
LIDSTONE Robert   Village 29-Jun 1791  
LIDSTONE Robert   Village 8-May 1794  
LIDSTONE William   Village 3-Jan 1772  
LIDSTONE William   Village 5-Aug 1779  
LOY ? Thomas   Village 28-Feb 1786  
LUGAR Susanna   Village 13-May 1781  
LUGGAR Eleanor   Village 18-Apr 1766 Dau Of Peter
LUGHAR Peter   Village 23-Apr 1749  
LYDSTONE John   Village 30-Oct 1762  
LYDSTONE Sarah   Village 10-Apr 1755  
LYDSTONE Susannah   Village 11-Sep 1757  
MADDICK William   Village 29-Jun 1735 Son Of William & Joan
MADDICK William   Village 6-Mar 1743  
MADDICOTT Betty   Village 26-Feb 1812  
MADOCK John   Village 14-Apr 1783  
MANNING Alice   Village 20-May 1767 Widow
MANNING David   Village 4-Jun 1764  
MANNING Mary   Village 24-Aug 1772  
MANNING William   Village 14-Jun 1772  
MARTIN Elizabeth   Village 23-Sep 1806  
MARTIN John   Village 29-May 1772  
MARTIN Robert   Village 21-Apr 1782  
MARTIN Robert   Village 18-May 1791  
MARTIN Thomas   Village 24-Aug 1806  
MERRYGAME Hannah   Village 6-Mar 1770 Wife Of John
MICHELMORE John   Village 15-Mar 1807  
MORRIS Elizabeth   Village 13-Jun 1803  
MORRIS Thomas   Village 15-Oct 1809  
MORRIS William   Village 18-Apr 1812  
NETTLE Mary   Village 31-Jul 1783  
PATRIDGE Susanna   Village 19-Nov 1794  
PENGELLY Elizabeth   Village 10-Oct 1792 Wife Of William
PENGELLY Mary   Village 22-Feb 1791  
PENGELLY William Infant Village 20-Nov 1792 Poor
PERING John   Village 29-Apr 1739  
PHILIP Thomas   Village 31-Aug 1793  
PHILIPPS Elizabeth   Village 10-Feb 1750  
PHILIPPS Margaret Ann   Village 15-Jul 1760  
PHILIPPS Thomas   Village 4-Feb 1756  
PHILIPS John   Soarley 19-Nov 1765 The Elder
PHILIPS Mary   Village 9-Nov 1781  
PHILIPS Richard Child Village 8-Oct 1748  
PHILIPS Richard   Venn 29-Jul 1750  
PHILIPS Roger Infant Village 4-Dec 1780  
PHILIPS Roger   Village 27-Apr 1783  
PHILIPS Thomas   Village 1-Aug 1804  
PHILIPS William   Village 1-Feb 1767  
PHILLIPPS Julian   Village 21-Nov 1755  
PHILLIPS Elizabeth   Village 30-Mar 1771  
PHILLIPS John   Village 28-Jan 1773  
PIKE Elizabeth   Village 18-Apr 1792 Poor
PINWELL Ann   Village 3-Jul 1803  
PINWELL Henry   Village 14-Dec 1804  
PINWELL Susanna   Village 11-Oct 1807  
POLLYBLANK Joseph   Village 3-May 1812  
POLYBLANK Jenny   Village 28-Sep 1798  
POPE Roger Infant Village 10-Apr 1783  
POPE Roger   Village 1-Feb 1785 Son Of Roger
POPE Roger   Village 9-May 1792 Son Of Roger
POPE Sally Infant Village 6-Apr 1783  
POPE ? Arminel   Village 26-Sep 1788 Dau Of Roger
PROWSE James   Village 18-Jan 1794  
PROWSE Philis 84 Village 2-Apr 1802  
PROWSE Richard   Village 29-Oct 1775  
PULLEN Alice   Village 22-Apr 1779  
PULLIBLANK Joanna   Village 11-Apr 1791  
PULLIBLANK William   Village 25-Mar 1784  
PUTT Alice   Village 24-Dec 1784 Wife Of William
PUTT Alice   Village 2-Sep 1803  
PUTT Bridgett   Village 1-Jan 1788  
PUTT James   Village 25-Mar 1769 Husbandman
PUTT Jeanie ?   Village 12-May 1812  
PUTT John   Village 8-Apr 1748  
PUTT Margaret   Village 24-Sep 1743  
PUTT Margaret   Village 4-Dec 1752  
PUTT Margaret   Village 11-Nov 1755  
PUTT William   Village 20-Jun 1748  
PUTT William   Village 22-Sep 1785  
RIDER Thomas   Village 17-Apr 1733  
ROADES Robert   Village 27-Aug 1742  
ROMBES John   Village 12-Apr 1801  
ROOPE -   Village 24-Apr 1776 Mrs
RYDER Anne   Village 5-Feb 1739  
RYDER Elizabeth   Village 23-Dec 1737  
SCAGGEL Emlin   Village 9-Apr 1773  
SHERRIL Lydia   Village 20-Oct 1756  
SHERRILL Eldad   Village 31-Aug 1757  
SHILLABEAR John   Village 20-Oct 1787  
SHILLABEAR Margery   Loddiswell 4-Feb 1767  
SHILLABEAR Mary   Village 25-Oct 1812  
SHILLABEAR Naomi   Village 29-May 1750  
SHILLABEAR Thomas   Village 23-Mar 1752  
SHILLABEAR Thomas   Village 8-Feb 1755  
SMALL Mary Infant Village 28-Jan 1798  
SMALL William   Village 27-Jan 1805  
SMITH Frances   Village 3-Apr 1756  
SNOWDON George Infant Village 22-Jan 1798  
SPENCE Archibald   Village 3-Jan 1798  
SPENCE Elizabeth   Village 16-Mar 1809  
SPINNEY John   Village 4-Nov 1801  
STANCOMBE Agnes   Village 7-Apr 1747  
STANCOMBE Thomas   Village 16-Jun 1757  
STANTIFORD Elizabeth   Village 17-Aug 1798  
STAYLONG ? Rebecca   Village 24-Apr 1733  
STEER John   Village 9-Aug 1733  
STEER John   Village 6-Apr 1794  
STEER Mary   Village 26-Aug 1770  
STEER Mary   Village 20-Jan 1800  
STEER Mary   Village 10-Feb 1802  
STEER William 81 Village 6-Sep 1805  
STEER William   Village 12-May 1806  
STENTIFORD George   Village 20-Oct 1805  
STENTIFORD Joseph   Village 28-Jun 1811  
STENTIFORD Marianne   Village 5-Sep 1807  
STEPHANS William   Village 18-Mar 1742  
STIDSTONE Agnes   Village 3-Sep 1763  
STUMBLES Mary   Village 2-Jul 1769  
TALMAN Elizabeth   Village 16-Jan 1734  
TAYLOR Elizabeth   Village 7-Nov 1764 Wife Of John
TAYLOR John   Village 22-Mar 1780  
TAYLOR Richard   Village 14-Aug 1739 Son Of John & Elizabeth
TERRY Christopher   Village 13-Sep 1733  
TERRY Elizabeth   Village 30-Jun 1737 Widow
TERRY Mary   Village 10-Jun 1737  
TERRY Susanna   Village 19-Feb 1737  
THORNTON Dorothy   Village 30-Jan 1786  
THORNTON Honour   Village 29-Apr 1789 Wife Of Nicholas
THORNTON Philip   Village 8-May 1799  
TIPPET Joanna   Village 21-Jun 1756  
TIPPET Joanna Child Village 6-Sep 1756  
TIPPET William   Village 26-May 1742  
TOOPE Sarah   Village 4-Mar 1808  
TOWBRIDGE William   Village 8-Nov 1736  
TREBY Elizabeth   Village 22-Jul 1751  
TREBY John   Village 23-Apr 1736  
TRINICK Naomi   Village 17-Aug 1807  
TRINNICK Elizabeth   Village 18-May 1760  
TUCKER Richard   Village 13-Jan 1757  
TUCKER Sarah   Village 6-Jul 1762  
TURTLEY Agnes   Village 17-Jun 1737  
TURTLEY Susanna   Village 25-Nov 1781  
TURTLEY William   Village 1-Nov 1775  
TURTLEY ? Alice   Village 8-Apr 1767 Spinster
WAKEHAM Susanna Child Village 12-Sep 1783  
WEEKS William   Village 29-Apr 1735 Son Of Sampson & Agnes
WELLINGTON ? Elizabeth   Village 27-Feb 1754  
WEYMOUTH James   Village 23-Mar 1746  
WEYMOUTH Susanna   Village 16-Mar 1788  
WIDGER Elizabeth   Village 20-Oct 1776  
WIDGER James Child Village 30-Aug 1750  
WIDGER James   Village 25-May 1800  
WIDGER Martin   Village 14-Jul 1779  
WIDGER Mathew   Village 21-Mar 1772  
WIDGER William   Village 1-Apr 1743  
WIDGER William   Village 11-Apr 1764 Son Of William
WIDGER William   Village 27-Jan 1772  
WILKY John   Village 5-Feb 1756  
WILLCOCKS John 66 Village 4-Sep 1809 Revd Of Churchstow
WILLS Emlyn   Village 6-Jul 1792 Wife Of Humphry
WILLS William Infant Village 19-Oct 1783  
WILTON ? Jane   Village 27-Nov 1809  
WILTON ? John   Village 30-Nov 1788 Son Of James
WINDEATT Margery   Village 24-Jan 1802  
WINGET John   Village 18-Mar 1772  
WINGET Lidyea   Village 3-Feb 1774  
WINGETT Thomas   Village 4-May 1807  
WINYETT Thomas   Village 3-Jul 1774 Son Of Thomas & Margery
WOODEY Susanna   Village 10-Apr 1806  
WYAT Benjamin   Village 2-Mar 1744  
WYAT Mary   Village 10-May 1755  
WYATT Catharine 77 Village 16-Oct 1803  
WYATT Elizabeth   Village 1-Jun 1734  
WYATT Grace   Village 9-Mar 1774  
WYATT Thomas   Village 8-Mar 1794  
WYATT Thomas 86 Village 11-Nov 1800  


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