Blackawton, St Michael: burials 1697 - 1747

Kindly provided by Frances MacKellar

Dates before 1752 have been converted to the modern calendar.
Information in the "Note" fields may not be verbatim.
ADAMS Anna Wife Of Mr John   Jan-25 1711
ADAMS Elizabeth     Oct-25 1728
ADAMS Grace Widow   May-15 1732
ADAMS Grace Widow   Jan-15 1735
ADAMS John Rector Of Blackawton   Mar-10 1732
ADAMS John Yeoman   May-03 1738
ADAMS Nicholas     Sep-03 1731
ADAMS Richard The Elder     Jan-10 1725
ADDAMS Jane Wife Of John   Jan-23 1701
ANDERSON Mary Dau Of George & Joan   Feb-26 1731
ANDREWS Alice Widow   Apr-01 1723
ANDREWS Christian     Nov-10 1733
ANDREWS Edward Infant   Jul-11 1743
ANDREWS Elizabeth Widow   Sep-15 1728
ANDREWS George     Feb-12 1731
ANDREWS Joan Dau Of George & Joan Of Stoke Fleming Jun-22 1728
ANDREWS Joan Dau Of George And Joan   Jun-09 1732
ANDREWS John Son Of Nicholas Husbandman Jul-23 1701
ANDREWS John Infant   Nov-25 1737
ANDREWS John Woolcomber   May-22 1739
ANDREWS Julian Single Woman   Jan-11 1699
ANDREWS Mary Infant   Dec-15 1742
ANDREWS Nicholas Of Slapton   Feb-05 1720
ANDREWS Richard ? Dau Of John Husbandman Mar-10 1704
ANDREWS Richard ? Wife Of John   Dec-11 1727
ANDREWS William Son Of William Husbandman Oct-20 1697
ANDREWS William Husbandman   Aug-08 1735
ANGEL Samuel Son Of Samuel And Grace   Mar-13 1728
ANGEL Samuel Soap Boiler   Sep-24 1743
ANGELL Grace Wife Of Samuel   Apr-16 1731
ANGELL Thomas Husbandman   Mar-28 1738
AVERY Mary Infant   Jul-17 1741
BAKER Dorothy Widow   Apr-18 1739
BALLEMAN Thomazine Widow Of Stoke Fleming Feb-26 1715
BARSE Dorothy Maiden Woman   Oct-22 1746
BARTLETT Elizabeth     Apr-04 1735
BARTLETT Elizth Mrs   Oct-28 1743
BARTLETT Engliss Wife Of Richard   Nov-14 1712
BARTLETT John Son Of Elizabeth Base Child Apr-12 1738
BASEHILL Christian     Feb-07 1701
BASTARD Anne Maiden   Nov-09 1737
BASTARD Joanna Miss Maiden Gentlewoman   Jul-01 1740
BEDLAKE Elizabeth Wife Of Thomas   Jan-14 1715
BELL Agness     Mar-02 1697
BELLAMON Matthew Son Of John   Mar-17 1728
BELLESE Grace Wife Of Hugh   Jan-12 1723
BELLET Hugh     Jan-22 1729
BERRY Elizabeth Widow   Aug-01 1698
BERRY John Son Of John Blacksmith May-05 1702
BERRY John     Aug-30 1728
BERRY Mary Wife Of John Blacksmith Jan-16 1724
BERRY Mary Dau Of Stephen   Mar-21 1731
BIRDWOOD Elizabeth Maiden Woman   Sep-20 1742
BLAKE Mary Child   Dec-17 1738
BOOTH John Son Of Samuel & Mary   Jun-05 1718
BOUNDER Joane Dau Of Gregory Fuller Nov-22 1698
BOUNDER Margarett     Aug-31 1697
BOUNTER Gregory     Oct-06 1699
BOUNTON Agness     May-16 1701
BOVEY Grace Widow   Jan-27 1735
BOVEY Stephen     Feb-19 1720
BOWARD Nicholas     Oct-28 1717
BOWHAY Anne Widow   Feb-06 1747
BOWHAY Thomas     Nov-09 1716
BOWHEY Ann Wife Of Thomas Tiler Dec-01 1703
BRADDON William Coachman   Apr-12 1738
BRIM Mary Infant   May-19 1736
BRIM Mary Infant   May-19 1743
BROOKING Dorothy     Mar-05 1738
BUCKPITT John Infant   Feb-13 1734
BUCKPITT John Woolcomber   Dec-12 1740
BUCKPITT Mary Infant   Mar-18 1737
BUDWOOD Elizabeth     Dec-18 1731
BURDWOOD Robert     Jun-25 1712
BURGEN John Of Bow   Sep-03 1729
BURGESS Agnes Wife Of Andrew Taylor May-28 1744
BURGIN Agnes Dau Of John & Mary   Aug-02 1725
BURGIN George Son Of Robert   Mar-25 1729
BURGIN Joan Dau Of John & Mary   Apr-06 1731
BURGOIN Achaich Infant   Nov-04 1744
BURGOIN Elizabeth Wife Of John   Jan-27 1716
BURGOIN Hannah     Apr-07 1741
BURGOIN Joan Dau Of John & Mary   Feb-12 1720
BURGOIN Joan Dau Of Robert   Aug-01 1729
BURGOIN John Husbandman   Jan-25 1743
BURGOIN Robert     Jan-20 1698
BURGOIN William Infant   Jul-01 1745
BUSTEN Joane     Nov-17 1700
CAMP Dorothy Wife Of John Pauper Jan-20 1698
CAMP Joane     Jul-13 1701
CAPRON William     Aug-18 1733
CARR Agnes Wife Of Thomas Husbandman Oct-20 1706
CARSON Elizabeth     Apr-18 1715
CHASE William Husbandman   Nov-02 1724
CHEESEMAN Robert     Dec-25 1745
CHING Anne Infant   Mar-18 1744
CHING Elizabeth Dau Of William Miller Dec-23 1707
CHING Elizabeth Infant   Jun-22 1736
CHING Grace Maiden Woman   Sep-15 1744
CHING Joanna Child   Mar-05 1746
CHING John Infant   Dec-22 1740
CHING John Infant   Jan-08 1742
CHING Joseph Son Of Benjamin & Ann   Nov-03 1732
CHING William Son Of William Miller Oct-03 1704
CHING William Miller   Aug-10 1744
CHIPMAN Degory Gardener   May-23 1747
CHOLWELL Gent Of Southwood   Jun-12 1708
CHOLWICH Mary Widow   Aug-03 1736
CHOLWICH Peternell Madam   Oct-07 1733
CHOLWILK William     Sep-08 1720
CHOLWITH Julian Of Southwood   Jan-21 1715
CHOUNE Henry Farmer   Mar-21 1739
CHOUNE Henry Infant   May-03 1740
CHURCHWARD John Son Of John Husbandman Jun-09 1702
CHURCHWARD Rachel     Jan-30 1733
CHURCHWOOD Robert     Jan-31 1728
CITTE William     Nov-26 1711
CLARK John Husbandman Of Stoke Fleming Mar-04 1724
CLARKE John Yeoman   May-12 1743
CLARKE Mary Widow   Aug-18 1731
CLARKE Nicolas Youth   Jan-14 1737
CLARKE Thomas Husbandman   Sep-14 1698
CODNER Jane Girl   Oct-15 1736
CODNER John Infant   Feb-22 1742
CODNER Mary Infant   Jun-06 1734
CODNER William Infant   Jul-15 1736
CODY George Yeoman   Jun-19 1701
CODYE Nicholas     May-26 1722
COLE Agness Wife Of William   Mar-05 1715
COLE William Of Street   May-03 1716
COLLAFORD Grace Widow   Jun-06 1728
COLLAFORD Joan Widow   Mar-21 1735
COLLAFORD Marion Of Stoke Fleming   Nov-15 1720
COLLAFORD Nicholas Of Slapton   Aug-14 1733
COLLAFORD Nicolas Soap Boiler   Apr-19 1736
COLLAFORD William     Jun-24 1711
COLTHARD Joan Dau Of Peter & Richard   Apr-26 1718
COLTON Elizabeth Wife Of William   Jun-15 1745
COLTON Jane Girl   May-09 1738
COLTOOL Joane     Aug-20 1712
COMBE Elizabeth Wife Of John Husbandman Oct-06 1742
CONN Nicholas Of Street   Sep-28 1725
COOKE Sophia Spinster   Oct-23 1723
COOMB Nicholas     Mar-22 1721
COOMB Richard Spinster   Jan-07 1724
COPE Matthew Son Of John Husbandman Jun-28 1723
CORUIRTER Mary     Jan-13 1720
COTLIN Jane Wife Of Absolam   May-28 1714
COTTAFORD Richard Son Of Henry   Aug-28 1701
COULSARD Richard Son Of Peter Taylor Nov-27 1702
COULSBOARD Agnes Wife Of John Taylor Jan-26 1705
COULSON Edward Son Of Richard Husbandman Sep-27 1702
COULTON Elizabeth Dau Of William   Jul-16 1710
COULTON William Husbandman   Apr-21 1702
COUNTER Joane     Jan-07 1697
COURTER Susanna     Nov-06 1711
COWDEN Samuel     Aug-30 1721
COX Mary Dau Of John & Alice   Jun-09 1715
CREBERT Chrispen     Jul-28 1726
CRIMP John     Jul-16 1701
CROBBARD Mary Dau Of Crispin Tailor Oct-05 1701
CROBEARD Grace Widow   Oct-13 1712
CROBERT Agness     Jun-22 1714
CROBERT Joan Widow   Mar-03 1730
CROBERT Mary Widow   Jan-03 1740
CROBERT Nicholas Infant   Apr-13 1743
CROBERT Nicholas Husbandman   Sep-09 1735
CUMING John Weaver   Jun-14 1701
CUMING Mary Maiden Woman   Jan-23 1745
CUMMING Mary Widow   Jul-16 1702
CURFEN John     Feb-21 1709
CURLOW Robert Pauper   Nov-30 1698
CURTEN Thomas Son Of Roger   Aug-07 1708
CURTES Ann Dau Of Lewis Husbandman Apr-22 1703
CURTIS Elizabeth     Jan-27 1734
CURTON Elias Husbandman Of Stoke Fleming Dec-04 1707
DAVES John     Apr-18 1708
DAVEY George     Jan-28 1710
DAVIES Agnes Singlewoman   Nov-09 1705
DAVIES Margaret Wife Of William Husbandman Nov-17 1704
DAVIS Miriam Dau Of John Yeoman Jan-26 1701
DAVIS Susana     Jan-01 1726
DEARING Elizabeth     Jun-27 1709
DEARY George     May-24 1719
DELSE Grace Single Woman   Mar-09 1745
DINING Jude Jnr Yeoman   Aug-24 1705
DINNING John     Jan-27 1712
DINNING Thomas Yeoman Of Stoke Fleming Jun-08 1705
DISTAIN Anslis Wife Of Richard Yeoman Jun-01 1704
DISTAIN Richard Yeoman   Apr-08 1705
DOTTAFORD Elizabeth Widow   May-06 1708
DOUST Ruth     Nov-29 1735
DOUST William Son Of Richard Husbandman Feb-10 1724
DOUST William Of Halwell     Apr-17 1708
DOWLING Judith Dau Of Nicholas & Judith   May-23 1717
DOWN Anne Dau Of Thomas   Nov-01 1713
DOWNING Judith Widow   Feb-09 1717
DOWNING Nicholas     Oct-27 1727
DOWNING Richard     Dec-30 1743
DOWNING Robt     Feb-19 1697
DREW Hannah Wife Of Robert   Mar-08 1716
DREW Robert Shoemaker   Mar-03 1737
DRONE Mary Widow   Feb-20 1745
DUKE John Husbandman   May-13 1743
DUKE Wilmot     May-03 1743
DURLEY Peter Jnr Yeoman   Mar-29 1706
DYE William Son Of William & Mary   Apr-09 1731
EALES ? Anne Wife Of William Yeoman Nov-02 1744
EARL Wilmot Infant   Jun-22 1742
EARLE Alice Dau Of John & Richard   Oct-11 1725
EARLE Elizabeth John   Mar-10 1715
EARLE Elizabeth Maiden Woman   Jan-05 1741
EARLE John Hellier   Jul-30 1738
EARLE John Boy   Aug-23 1746
EARLE Mary Wife Of Richard Hellier Feb-23 1704
EARLE Richard Hellier   Jan-18 1724
EDGER Welthine Of Street   Jan-07 1716
EDY Thomas Husbandman   Aug-02 1735
ELLIOT Alice Widow   May-29 1730
ELLIOT George Of Stoke Fleming   Apr-13 1727
ELLIOTT George Youth   Sep-26 1736
ELLIOTT John     May-31 1717
ELLIOTT John Quarryman   Jun-29 1745
ELLIOTT Mary Maiden Woman   Dec-18 1744
EMBURY Thomas     Apr-04 1729
FARLEY Daniel Child   Apr-05 1745
FARLEY Elizabeth Infant   Jul-24 1746
FARR Jane Maiden   May-14 1741
FARR Mary Widow   Dec-23 1747
FARR Thomas Husbandman   Aug-13 1737
FARR William Hellier   May-07 1741
FIRKE Dorothy Pauper   May-14 1698
FOLEY William Son Of William Pauper Sep-05 1706
FOOT William Child   Nov-25 1743
FORD Joan Wife Of Mr John   Oct-12 1746
FORD Richard Yeoman   Aug-26 1704
FRANCES John     Apr-16 1731
FREND Agnes Dau Of William & Hannah   Apr-24 1720
FREND Agnes Dau Of William & Hannah   Feb-15 1722
FREND Joan Wife Of Nico   Oct-24 1721
FREND Joan Dau Of William & Hannah   Oct-07 1725
FREND William Son Of William & Hannah   Jul-30 1721
FRIEND Christian Wife Of Nicholas Mason Dec-02 1746
FRIEND John Infant   Nov-17 1734
FRIEND Margaret Wife Of Nicholas Mason Dec-11 1742
FRIEND Nicholas Sexton   Aug-08 1734
FRIEND Nicholas Shoemaker   Feb-08 1742
FRIEND Nicolas Yeoman   Feb-21 1697
FRIEND Thomas Son Of Nicholas Husbandman Feb-26 1699
FRIEND William Son Of William   May-09 1730
FULLORK Grace     Jul-25 1697
GALLEY Abraham     Aug-26 1730
GAPHING John     May-26 1721
GARDINER Joan Infant   Nov-09 1740
GARDNER Nicolas     Mar-05 1698
GARNER Joane     Dec-10 1710
GEW Joane Pauper   Apr-19 1704
GIBB Richard Infant   May-24 1745
GIBBE Margarett   Of Stoke Fleming Feb-14 1707
GIBBS John Son Of Peter & Ann   Jun-02 1731
GIFFORD James Husbandman   Feb-01 1742
GILBERT John Of Plymst     Feb-12 1725
GILES William Boy   Jul-19 1740
GILLARD Joan Widow   Jan-12 1741
GILLARD Nicolas Carpenter   Mar-12 1737
GILLARD William Yeoman   May-31 1744
GLANVILLE Joan Wife Of Adam   Nov-10 1747
GLASIER ? Mary Infant   Jul-05 1740
GOODRIDGE Anne Maiden Woman   Sep-12 1738
GOODRIDGE Joshua Youth   Jul-24 1736
GOODRIGE Henry Son Of James & Ann   Apr-30 1732
GOODYER Elizabeth Infant   Oct-05 1735
GOODYERS Mary Infant   May-26 1745
GOUNKER Joan     Mar-29 1725
GRANDE Richard Son Of Richard & Mary   Jun-20 1730
GRANT Alice Dau Of John & Alice   May-25 1722
GRANT Joan Widow   Nov-28 1732
GRANT Mary Maiden Woman   Aug-15 1738
GRANT Mary Widow   Jul-24 1740
GRANT Richard Husbandman   Apr-16 1736
GRANT Thomas Infant   Jul-17 1738
GRANTE William Husbandman   May-16 1698
GREY George Son Of Nicholas & Hellen   Jun-06 1712
GUNN Agness Infant   Nov-27 1745
GUNN Anne Phillip   Jun-09 1710
GUNN Anne Infant   Jun-27 1746
GUNN Elizabeth Of Waterslade   Mar-19 1731
GUNN John Infant   Apr-01 1741
GUNN Philip Wool-Comber   Jul-13 1745
GUNN Phillip Woolcomber & Thatcher   Jan-31 1746
GUNN Richard Child   Aug-30 1743
GUNN Willmote     Dec-05 1701
GURNER George     May-01 1725
GURNER Mrs Mary Widow   Dec-27 1737
HALE William     Mar-15 1701
HALSO Joan Of Charleton     Aug-22 1728
HAM Nicolas Son Of Thomas Husbandman Mar-13 1697
HAM William The Elder     Mar-06 1725
HAMAN Mary Widow   Jan-06 1730
HAMAN William     Dec-11 1730
HAMBLIN Grace Base Child Of Grace Hamblin   Oct-26 1732
HAMLYN Catherine Child   Jan-23 1737
HAMLYN Joan Of Halwell   Apr-06 1736
HARK Mary Widow   Mar-09 1724
HARNING Grace Single Woman   Oct-25 1741
HARRARETT Alexander Of Halwell   Jan-29 1714
HARRIS Elizabeth Infant   Jul-03 1741
HARROLD Jane Wife Of Richard Husbandman Jun-15 1698
HART Peter Husbandman   Aug-03 1707
HARTE William Son Of Richard   Sep-18 1709
HATCH Richard Widow   Jun-05 1741
HATCH Susanna Maiden Woman   Apr-03 1743
HATCH Thomas     Apr-26 1701
HATRSE John Of Strete   Oct-26 1709
HATTE Mary     Sep-05 1708
HAWKING Joan Wife Of Thomas Pauper Mar-08 1723
HAWKINGLY Mary Wife Of Thomas   Aug-15 1715
HAWKINGS Joan     Sep-27 1721
HAWKINGS William Soap Boiler   Aug-26 1736
HAWKINS Alice Wife Of Thomas   Sep-17 1730
HAWKINS John Glover   Jul-10 1746
HAWKINS John The Elder Sexton   Nov-13 1702
HAWKINS Mary     Mar-28 1735
HAWKINS Nicolas Husbandman   Aug-07 1737
HAYS John Son Of Robert Husbandman Mar-07 1702
HAYS Robert Snr     Apr-26 1721
HEAD William Husbandman   Dec-20 1741
HEAT Margaret Wife Of Isaac   Jan-19 1715
HEATE Richard Yeoman   Jul-16 1699
HEATH Alice     Sep-10 1715
HEATH Anne Dau Of John   Apr-21 1711
HEATH Isaac Taylor   May-30 1744
HEATH John     Mar-28 1709
HEATH Luice Widow   Apr-14 1702
HEATH Mary     Mar-19 1732
HEATH Mary Of John Husbandman Jun-25 1746
HEATH Richard     Apr-26 1717
HEATH William Yeoman   Dec-01 1706
HENDE Richard Yeoman   May-18 1698
HENNING Daniel Of Street   Jan-11 1729
HEPPER Dorothy Dau Of Simon Soldier Oct-20 1704
HIDGEY Mary Of Richard Husbandman Jul-07 1744
HILL William     May-26 1720
HINGSTON Agnes     Jun-27 1729
HINGSTON Agness Widow   Dec-27 1709
HINGSTON Agness Wife Of John   Feb-01 1711
HINGSTON Agness Dau Of John & Elizabeth   Sep-07 1716
HINGSTON Alice ? Wife Of William Yeoman Apr-07 1706
HINGSTON Anne Dau Of John & Elizabeth   Sep-04 1722
HINGSTON Averse     Feb-05 1717
HINGSTON Dorothy Dau Of Phillip Weaver Feb-20 1705
HINGSTON Dorothy Widow   Jan-02 1743
HINGSTON Elizabeth Pauper   Apr-01 1698
HINGSTON Elizabeth     Sep-05 1700
HINGSTON Elizabeth Wife Of John   Dec-28 1729
HINGSTON Frances Wife Of Nicholas   Jan-25 1714
HINGSTON Joan Widow   Dec-11 1724
HINGSTON Joan     Dec-26 1731
HINGSTON Joane Widow   Apr-09 1704
HINGSTON John Of Ashwalls   Jun-19 1708
HINGSTON John Carpenter   May-06 1736
HINGSTON John Husbandman   Aug-08 1739
HINGSTON John Snr     Aug-01 1721
HINGSTON Margaret Wife Of John   Apr-15 1717
HINGSTON Margaret Wife Of Thomas Of Woodford Husbandman Oct-06 1723
HINGSTON Mary Dau Of Richard & Elizabeth   Apr-03 1715
HINGSTON Mary Wife Of Nicholas   Oct-26 1720
HINGSTON Mary Spinster   Jul-21 1723
HINGSTON Mary Of Woodford   Dec-29 1731
HINGSTON Mary Wife Of John Of Hilchely May-03 1732
HINGSTON Peternel Wife Of Nicholas   Feb-20 1713
HINGSTON Philip Weaver   Aug-11 1735
HINGSTON Phillip Weaver   May-05 1706
HINGSTON Phillip Of Hutchley   Apr-16 1711
HINGSTON Richard Son Of Ellis & Dorothy   Jul-07 1715
HINGSTON Richard     Sep-06 1715
HINGSTON Richard Son Of Richard   Oct-30 1715
HINGSTON Richard Infant   Aug-15 1737
HINGSTON Sarah Wife Of William Yeoman Mar-30 1723
HINGSTON Sarah Wife Of John Of Milcome Jan-21 1732
HINGSTON Stephen Of Steye     Nov-27 1708
HINGSTON Susanna Dau Of Phillip Weaver Jul-21 1700
HINGSTON Thomas Son Of Thomas Weaver Jul-27 1704
HINGSTON Thomas Son Of John & Elizabeth   May-22 1718
HINGSTON Thomas Farmer   May-28 1738
HINGSTON Thomas Husbandman   Nov-12 1735
HINGSTON Thomasine Widow   Jun-02 1704
HINGSTON William Of Padacome   Jan-03 1730
HINGSTON William Husbandman   Apr-26 1736
HINING Jude Of Street   Dec-19 1717
HOARE Anstis Wife Of Thomas   Feb-22 1718
HODGE Ann Wife Of John   Dec-10 1705
HODGE Grace Wife Of William   May-15 1715
HODGE Grace Dau Of William & Susana   Aug-14 1729
HODGE John Son Of William & Susana   Aug-10 1725
HODGE William Son Of William & Grace   Apr-09 1718
HOLDITCH Mary Widow   Aug-07 1742
HOLMAN Mary Infant   Jul-20 1741
HOLMAN William Husbandman   Jun-16 1746
HOMAN Elizabeth Dau Of Thomas   Oct-31 1731
HOPKIN Mary Wife Of Richard   May-23 1714
HOPPIN Grace Dau Of Edward   Dec-28 1716
HOPPING Edward     Nov-21 1725
HOPPING Richard     Apr-23 1730
HOPSKIN John     Jul-12 1699
HORICUE Lewis Yeoman   Jan-09 1737
HORRELL Grace Wife Of John Tiler Sep-23 1702
HOWELL John     Aug-28 1711
HUNE Richard Son Of Richard Yeoman Of Hutchley Feb-08 1703
HUNT ? Wife Of Richard Of Sheatins Oct-10 1704
HUNT Ann Dau Of Robert Yeoman Mar-06 1702
HUNT Edward Of Broadwingson Dorset   Oct-04 1725
HUNT Honor Wife Of Mr Robert   Jul-12 1725
HUNT Jane Single Woman   Feb-26 1697
HUNT Jane Of Southwood   Feb-21 1709
HUNT John Infant   Jan-30 1746
HUNT Robert Yeoman   Sep-24 1740
HUTCHING Habakkuk Infant   Jul-13 1744
HYNE ? Fuller   Jul-19 1707
HYNE Alice Widow   Oct-09 1711
HYNE Andrew   Yeoman Jul-28 1704
HYNE Anne Dau Of Richard & Dorothy   Jan-15 1714
HYNE Anne Samuel   Mar-08 1716
HYNE Anne ??   Apr-08 1723
HYNE Anne Infant   May-15 1738
HYNE Anne Of Hutchley     May-27 1712
HYNE Dorothy     Apr-29 1697
HYNE Elizabeth Girl   Dec-10 1742
HYNE Honour Infant   Sep-26 1739
HYNE Joan     Apr-25 1740
HYNE John Son Of Samuel Fuller Sep-28 1701
HYNE Richard Son Of Richard & Dorothy   Apr-24 1718
HYNE Richard Fuller &Parish Clerk   Feb-08 1742
HYNE Roger Son Of Samuel & Joan   Mar-20 1731
HYNE Samuel Fuller   Mar-02 1734
INGRAM Frances Wife Of John Husbandman Oct-21 1706
INGRAM Robert Son Of John Husbandman Oct-11 1697
IRELAND Jane Widow   May-06 1740
IRISH James Pauper   May-15 1698
IROBOARD Grace     Mar-26 1699
IRORTON Richard     Nov-27 1697
JARVIS Susanna Anne     Feb-27 1738
JELLAFORD Henry Yeoman   Nov-05 1698
JELLARD Andrew Yeoman   Nov-24 1724
JELLARD Bhezey Of Slapton   May-08 1709
JELLARD Deborah Wife Of John Weaver Jan-30 1697
JELLARD Elizabeth Wife Of Peter   Mar-06 1710
JELLARD Jane Widow   May-19 1730
JELLARD Nicholas Son Of George & Phillipa   Jan-15 1727
JELLARD Nicholas Jnr     Feb-05 1719
JELLARD Nicolas Youth   Sep-24 1738
JELLARD Richard Weaver   Jun-05 1698
JOINER ? Joane Wife Of Thomas Husbandman Oct-10 1698
KILBERRY John     Feb-15 1722
KILBERRY Thomas Son Of John & Mary   Jan-11 1730
KILBERY Mary Wife Of John   Jun-14 1719
KILBURY Mary Wife Of John   Dec-08 1737
KILBURY Mary Maiden   Jun-25 1739
KILBURY Mary Widow   Feb-10 1739
KILBURY Thomas     Nov-06 1726
LAMBEL George Son Of John & Mary   Feb-20 1728
LAMBEL Jane Of Street   Jun-15 1728
LAMBEL Jane Of Blackpool   Oct-19 1732
LAMBEL Richard Widow   Aug-23 1728
LAMBELL Alice Widow   Oct-11 1740
LAMBELL Elizabeth Of Stoke Fleming   Jul-18 1742
LAMBELL Rhesa Widow   Nov-20 1737
LAMBELL William     Sep-23 1733
LAMBELL William Infant   Apr-26 1738
LAMBER John Son Of Richard Husbandman Sep-19 1702
LAMBERT John Tailor   Aug-24 1740
LAMBERT Mary Maiden Woman   Nov-18 1741
LAMBERT Thomas Taylor   Jan-04 1698
LAMBETT Richard Son Of William & Phesey   Jun-27 1714
LANDE Elizabeth Wife Of Christopher   Jul-06 1725
LANDER Grace Widow   Nov-29 1713
LANDS Elizabeth Maiden Woman   Mar-04 1741
LANDS Mary Wife Of John   Oct-17 1697
LANE Dorothy Pauper   Nov-07 1706
LANE Honor Dau Of John & Mary   Dec-22 1725
LANE Joan Dau Of John   Feb-14 1725
LANE Joan Infant   Jan-06 1741
LANE John The Sexton   Sep-26 1731
LANE John Infant     Mar-03 1734
LANE Mary Pauper   Apr-11 1705
LANE Mary & Child Wife Of Wilmot   Oct-24 1722
LANE Stephen Husbandman   Dec-13 1745
LANE Susanna Infant   Apr-01 1743
LANGLEY John Child   May-28 1747
LAVERS Alice Wife Of Nicholas   Jan-29 1715
LAVERS Anne Hyne Infant   Nov-23 1735
LAVERS Elizabeth Wife Of Richard Pauper Jan-25 1699
LAVERS Frances     May-03 1729
LAVERS Jane Dau Of George & Agnes   Apr-12 1726
LAVERS Joan     Feb-18 1728
LAVERS John     Mar-18 1716
LAVERS John Husbandman   Jul-13 1742
LAVERS Nicholas     Nov-09 1727
LAVERS Rachel Widow   Jan-27 1739
LAVERS Richard Cooper   Jul-26 1705
LAVERS Roger Yeoman   Sep-29 1736
LAVERS Roger Yeoman   Oct-21 1740
LAVERS Samuel Blacksmith   Aug-13 1747
LAVERS Tompounre   Pauper Jan-16 1697
LAWLER Joane Dau Of Richard Pauper Mar-07 1698
LEATH Jane     Mar-22 1720
LEE Mary Dau Of Peter Husbandman Nov-29 1701
LEER Ann Of Little Hempston   Apr-04 1732
LEONARD Ann Wife Of Nicolas Husbandman Jan-15 1698
LEONARD Julian Wife Of Hirte Taylor Jan-16 1704
LEONARD Nicholas Son Of Nicholas Sealer Apr-24 1706
LIDSTON David Farmer   Aug-09 1740
LIDSTON Matthew     Apr-26 1721
LIDSTONE Agness     Jan-09 1711
LOGE Richard Weaver   May-20 1705
LOMER Thomas     Apr-25 1711
LONDON Samuel Of Dittisham   Apr-19 1719
LOOPE Arabella Madam   Dec-13 1732
LOYD David Husbandman   Aug-01 1741
LOYE Margaret     Aug-07 1723
LUCKCRAFT Peter     Mar-20 1709
LUCKRAFT ? Thomazine Widow   May-10 1700
MACEY Anne Maiden   Jun-22 1735
MACEY Elizabeth Dau Of Nicolas   Apr-12 1741
MACEY Grace Wife Of Nicolas   Apr-12 1741
MACEY William     Oct-05 1735
MADDOCK Hugh Of Street   Apr-14 1731
MADDOCK Mary Wife Of Richard Yeoman Feb-06 1746
MADDOCK Rebecca Dau Of Richard & Mary   Sep-20 1729
MADDOCK Richard Son Of Hugh & Sara   Jan-01 1726
MADDUCK Mary Dau Of Richard   Apr-19 1730
MANING Kathine     Dec-29 1707
MANING William Son Of William Butcher Aug-24 1701
MANNING Elizabeth Wife Of William   Jun-08 1733
MAREY Nicole Widow   Aug-10 1720
MARKS Edward Husbandman   Jul-22 1698
MARTAN Edward     May-02 1712
MARTIN Dinah Widow   Dec-25 1729
MASEY Grace     Jan-14 1707
MASEY Margret     May-25 1702
MICHELMOR Timothy Infant   Apr-22 1746
MICHELMORE Agnes Of Street   Aug-01 1725
MICHELMORE Grace Wife Of William Of Harlston Mar-24 1709
MICHELMORE Richard     Apr-11 1734
MITCHELL John Taylor   May-04 1700
MITCHELL Robert Pauper   Dec-29 1702
MITCHELMORE Shirley Dau Of Edward   Dec-31 1698
MORRIS Mary Wife Of John   Jul-13 1736
MOSES Thomasine Pauper   May-19 1698
MOSS Amy     Sep-06 1697
MOUNSEN Nicholas Of City Of London   Mar-30 1722
MOVE Richard Son Of Samuel Husbandman Feb-03 1705
MULLIS Margaret     May-08 1745
NATHOLMAN Dorothy     Jul-09 1702
NOROBURG John     Mar-08 1732
OLDREIVE Mary Wife Of Lewis   Oct-12 1721
OLDRIEVE Mary Infant   Mar-26 1747
OSBORN Elizabeth Widow   Jan-31 1705
OSBORN John Of Burlestone   Sep-25 1718
PADDON Richard Husbandman   Nov-24 1740
PAIGE Peternel Wife Of Richard Of Slapton Mar-17 1731
PARNELL Elizabeth Dau Of Samuel Husbandman Jun-17 1706
PATTON Jane Richard   Apr-26 1729
PATTON Richard Son Of Richard   May-04 1701
PATTSON Isabel Of John Husbandman Apr-29 1746
PEARCE Alice Dau Of Robert & Mary   Nov-23 1730
PEARCE Allice Wife Of Richard Yeoman Jan-14 1698
PEARCE Ann     Mar-30 1741
PEARCE Henry Son Of Robert & Mary   Oct-03 1726
PEARCE Jane Widow   Aug-26 1731
PEARCE John Son Of Michael Yeoman Oct-22 1701
PEARCE Michael Yeoman   Feb-11 1739
PEARCE Richard Yeoman   Dec-23 1698
PEARCE Richard     Jan-25 1730
PEARCE Richard Yeoman   Jul-10 1740
PEARCE William     Dec-21 1728
PEARD John Son Of Jonas & Jane   Apr-21 1709
PEARSE Christian Dau Of Jonas & Jane Of Dittisham Nov-03 1710
PEARSE Eliz Wife Of William Woolcomber Jan-13 1743
PEARSE Elizabeth     Dec-27 1737
PEARSE Jacob Son Of Jacob Davor ? Sep-23 1701
PEARSE Jacob Weaver   Oct-28 1744
PEARSE Jonas Saxton (Sic)   Feb-13 1723
PEARSE Joseph     Feb-07 1717
PEARSE Margery Pauper   May-16 1698
PEARSE Martha Wife Of Jacob   Sep-23 1717
PEARSE Mary     Nov-23 1733
PEARSE Richard Woolcomber   Dec-19 1746
PEARSE Robert     May-24 1701
PEARSE Silphice Dau Of William Yeoman Nov-09 1724
PECKE George Apprentice To Elias Tuckerman   Jan-21 1729
PECTS John Of Halwell   Mar-09 1700
PEEKE Agnes Wife Of Richard Yeoman Dec-24 1747
PEEKE Alice Widow   Jan-25 1711
PEEKE Ann Widow Of Halwell Sep-18 1700
PEEKE Anne Dau Of William & Anne   Oct-06 1720
PEEKE Anne Widow   Dec-14 1737
PEEKE Arthur Youth   Jan-04 1742
PEEKE Daniel Husbandman   Jul-04 1706
PEEKE Grace Wife Of Richard Yeoman Oct-10 1706
PEEKE Grace Infant   Jun-25 1742
PEEKE Joan Infant   Feb-05 1738
PEEKE John Infant   Jan-14 1736
PEEKE John Taylor   Oct-08 1747
PEEKE Julian     Jun-26 1701
PEEKE Katherine Wife Of Jacob   Feb-05 1732
PEEKE Lewis Son Of Richard Yeoman Mar-07 1705
PEEKE Margaret Single Woman   Feb-26 1742
PEEKE Mary Dau Of Richard Weaver May-20 1706
PEEKE Mary Dau Of Agness   Apr-13 1715
PEEKE Mary Widow   Jan-07 1734
PEEKE Mary     Sep-25 1737
PEEKE Nicolis     Jan-19 1710
PEEKE Phillip     Jun-15 1710
PEEKE Richard Of Halwell   Dec-10 1715
PEEKE Richard Infant   May-25 1741
PEEKE Soloman Husbandman   Nov-18 1706
PEEKE Thomas Of Halwell   May-22 1720
PEEKE Thomas Yeoman   Jan-05 1747
PEEKE William Taylor   May-15 1741
PEEKING Richard     May-04 1718
PEELE Alice Of Street   Jan-24 1716
PENNETTS Jeberah Wife Of Hugo   Jul-18 1708
PERING Alice Widow   Mar-26 1743
PERING Dorothy Infant   Aug-17 1739
PERING John Farmer   Nov-11 1741
PERING Mr John Yeoman   Jul-14 1743
PERING Mr Richard     Jan-31 1717
PERING Philip Infant   May-15 1741
PERING Richard Son Of John & Anne   Mar-11 1721
PERRING Agnes     Apr-26 1726
PERRING Allice Wife Of Richard Yeoman Dec-05 1701
PERRING Anne Of Thurston   Oct-03 1715
PERRING Joane Widow   Feb-03 1699
PERRING Joane Dau Of John & Agnes   Aug-20 1712
PERRING John Of Hitchley   Jan-09 1722
PERRING Richard Yeoman   Nov-11 1701
PERRING Susanna     Apr-25 1715
PERRING Thomas Husbandman   Nov-22 1702
PERRING William Husbandman   Nov-13 1702
PERTBOY Richard     Feb-24 1735
PHILIPS Elizabeth Single Woman   Apr-22 1743
PHILLIPS Elizabeth Wife Of William Yeoman Nov-26 1706
PHILLIPS Robert Yeoman   Aug-21 1697
PHILLIPS Robert Child   Jun-11 1746
PHILLIPS William Yeoman   May-03 1697
PINDWOOD Ann Dau Of Robert Husbandman Sep-01 1697
PINHAY Henry Son Of John [Gent] & Susanna   Dec-21 1719
PINHAY Mary Widow Of William   Aug-29 1720
PINHEY Anne Wife Of John Yeoman Jul-19 1707
PINHEY Anne Maiden Woman   Mar-30 1744
PINHEY Anne Widow   Feb-21 1746
PINHEY Elizabeth Wife Of Robert   Dec-24 1715
PINHEY Elizabeth     Nov-09 1735
PINHEY Elizabeth Maiden   Mar-31 1736
PINHEY John Of Cotterbury   Apr-18 1711
PINHEY Mary Dau Of John Yeoman Jul-05 1701
PINHEY Mary Widow Of Richard Husbandman Dec-05 1724
PINHEY Mary Mrs Widow   Sep-19 1738
PINHEY Mr John Of Cotterbury   Mar-11 1730
PINHEY Mr Robert Of Stoke Fleming   Dec-18 1716
PINHEY Mr William     Dec-19 1737
PINHEY Mrs Mary     May-09 1721
PINHEY Richard Son Of Stephen & Grace   Jun-04 1712
PINHEY Richard Of Milcome   Jan-09 1732
PINHEY William Son Of Mr Richard & Anne   Oct-07 1713
PINHEY William Taylor   May-01 1742
PINHEY William Shoemaker   Nov-10 1746
PINHEY Wilmot Wife Of William   Jun-07 1730
PIPER Margaret     Jun-15 1726
PITTS Joan     Aug-30 1725
POOLING Anne     Dec-23 1716
POOLING Elizabeth Maiden Woman   Nov-21 1738
POOLING Elizabeth Wife Of Laurence Taylor Jul-08 1744
POOLING Hannah Widow   Aug-30 1725
POOLING Richard     Feb-24 1717
POOLING Welthin Widow   Apr-07 1736
POOLLING Margarett     Feb-03 1707
POPE Alice Of Stoke Fleming   May-10 1740
POPE Ann     Nov-03 1728
POPE Dorothy Of Stoke Fleming   Jan-11 1744
POPE Elizabeth Wife Of Michael   Jan-09 1730
POPE John Yeoman   Jul-12 1741
POPE Michael Husbandman   Jun-15 1743
POPE William Infant   Apr-05 1747
POTTER Elizabeth     Nov-16 1740
POTTER John Boy   Aug-24 1746
POULSON Dorothy Dau Of Thomas & Ann   Jun-25 1710
POUND Agnes Dau Of Gregory & Joan   Jul-26 1712
POUND Agness Dau Of Peter Pauper Mar-05 1699
POUND Ann Wife Of Richard   Dec-24 1730
POUND Christian     Mar-19 1698
POUND Elizabeth     Sep-28 1733
POUND Peter Of Street     Nov-30 1732
POUNTER Nicholas Son Of Gregory & Joane   Sep-06 1708
POWNE Richard     Jul-25 1733
PREASE Elizabeth     Dec-14 1722
PRIDEAUX ? Elizabeth Mrs     Aug-14 1741
PRONTE Fridessoi Widow   Jan-28 1742
PROUSE Andrew Son Of John Husbandman Oct-20 1704
PROUSE Andrew Son Of John Pauper Feb-20 1705
PROUSE Grace Dau Of William Yeoman Jun-03 1703
PROUSE Mary Dau Of William Of Stokenham Sep-29 1714
PROWSE John Husbandman   Jan-06 1738
PROWSE John Husbandman   Jul-16 1742
PROWSE Richard Yeoman   May-02 1745
PROWSE Richard Widow   May-12 1745
PROWSE William Yeoman   Apr-10 1744
PULSFORD John     Feb-23 1699
PULSFORD Peter     Aug-05 1719
PULSFORD Thomasine Wife Of Peter Husbandman Mar-22 1697
PULSFORD       Jul-09 1707
PULSIFORD Elizabeth Single Woman   Dec-14 1737
PULSIFORD Margaret Widow   Oct-14 1745
PURLSON Elizabeth Dau Of Richard Yeoman Aug-08 1701
QUICKER Roger Of Steard   Dec-04 1718
QUIKER Phillip Son Of John & Joan Of Cornworthy Sep-29 1719
RATCLIFFE Avis Widow   Sep-19 1743
RICH Elizabeth Widow   Jan-27 1739
RICH John Infant   Sep-11 1743
RICH John Infant   Aug-07 1745
RICH Richard Husbandman   May-02 1739
RICH Samuel     May-03 1713
RICHARD Elizabeth Widow   Feb-03 1720
RIDER Ann     Jan-04 1697
RIDER Joane     Apr-03 1700
RIPLEY Agnes Wife Of John Husbandman Apr-03 1700
RIPLEY Lucy Widow   Jun-16 1740
RIPLY John     Feb-10 1712
ROGERS Anne Widow   May-16 1740
ROGERS Philipe     Jan-06 1715
ROGERS Robert     May-29 1728
ROGERS Simon Infant   Jul-21 1745
ROOPE Elizabeth     Jun-19 1707
ROOPE James Infant   Jun-09 1742
ROOPE John Child   Jun-01 1742
ROOPE Nicholas Esq   Sep-03 1721
ROOPE William Esq     Dec-20 1745
RUDER Grace Dau Of Nero & Joane   Aug-20 1712
RYDER Agnes Pauper   Mar-14 1703
RYDER Amy Of Street   Jun-30 1729
RYDER Dorothy Wife Of Edmund   May-11 1714
RYDER Edmund     Sep-18 1733
RYDER Elizabeth Wife Of John   Oct-12 1745
RYDER Joane Widow Pauper Dec-30 1705
RYDER John     Dec-25 1697
RYDER John Son Of Nicholas & Elizabeth   Jul-25 1722
RYDER John Husbandman   Jan-05 1738
RYDER John Infant   Jul-04 1743
RYDER John Infant   Jan-09 1745
RYDER Mary Of James Thatcher Jul-09 1743
RYDER Nicolas Husbandman   May-14 1698
RYDER Richard Infant   Oct-13 1745
SAMSTON Margaret Single Woman   Jul-25 1697
SCOBELL John Infant   Nov-27 1737
SCOBELL Walter Boy   Sep-30 1747
SCOBLE Grace Wife Of Richard   Dec-30 1730
SCOBLE Mary Dau Of Bonnet & Mary   May-01 1727
SCOTTE Joanne     Sep-14 1697
SEAGRAY ? Joan Widow   Sep-25 1737
SEAGREY Joane Wife Of William Husbandman Dec-15 1701
SEY Mellicant     Jul-30 1701
SHIER Agnes     Dec-28 1708
SHILLSTOW Elizabeth Of Woodleigh   Apr-24 1710
SHIVESICK Elizabeth Maiden Woman   Jun-09 1740
SHORT Susanna     Jun-26 1741
SHORT Thomazine Widow   Feb-28 1724
SKINNER Margaret     Jul-18 1735
SKINNER William     Oct-23 1716
SKINNER William Husbandman   Jul-15 1739
SMITH Ann Widow   Dec-07 1736
SMITH Mary Dau Of Grandfold & Anne   Apr-10 1715
SMYTH Agnes     Dec-18 1720
SMYTH John Son Of John Carpenter Sep-21 1701
SMYTH John Of Stoke Fleming   Jun-13 1720
SMYTHE John     Jun-13 1719
SMYTHSON William Son Of John Carpenter Oct-04 1702
SOPER John Infant   Apr-05 1743
SPAARKE Mary Of Street   Dec-28 1709
SPARK Julia Wife Of Peter   Sep-02 1716
SPARKE Elizabeth Widow   Apr-06 1738
SPARKE English Widow   May-21 1729
SPARKE Honor Widow   May-29 1722
SPARKE John     Sep-02 1733
SPARKE Mary Single Woman   Nov-28 1736
SPARKE Richard Child   Nov-05 1735
SPARKE William     Dec-19 1719
SPARKES John Butcher   Oct-19 1699
SPARKS Elizabeth Maiden Woman   Jan-04 1745
SPARKS Richard     Apr-04 1700
SPARKS Thomasin     Jun-14 1741
STABB Andrew Husbandman   Mar-24 1746
STABB Mary Wife Of Andrew   Apr-08 1741
STANCOMBE John Infant   Mar-09 1742
STARR Ann Widow   Mar-31 1728
STARR John     Jan-23 1716
START Richard     Nov-10 1718
STAVERS Amy Of Dartmouth   Sep-16 1725
STEED Richard Son Of Mr John & Joan   Sep-24 1729
STEER Agnes Widow   Mar-15 1730
STEER Elizabeth Wife Of George Of Woodleigh Mar-27 1718
STEER George Son Of George & Elizabeth Of Woodleigh Apr-10 1718
STEPHENS Agnes     Mar-05 1720
STEPHENS Barbara     Mar-25 1710
STILLBURY       Feb-29 1700
STOAT William Infant   Jul-31 1734
STONE Andrew Husbandman   Feb-07 1741
STONE Anne Of Richard Husbandman Mar-21 1742
STONE Jalsell Wife Of William Husbandman May-10 1706
STONE Margery Single Woman   Jul-11 1736
STONE Mary Widow   May-01 1743
STONE Richard Husbandman   Apr-17 1743
STONE Robert Husbandman   Dec-02 1697
STONE Sarah     Jan-10 1720
STONE Thomas Son Of Thomas & Thomazine   Aug-20 1712
STONE Thomas Infant   Mar-02 1742
STONE William     Aug-05 1709
STREET Thomazine Wife Of Thomas Husbandman Oct-05 1704
STRONDE Elizabeth Dau Of William   Apr-29 1719
STUART Richard Son Of Richard Husbandman Jun-16 1701
SULLERT Barbara Pauper   Aug-28 1704
SWEET John Husbandman   Dec-27 1707
SWEETLAND Grace Maiden Woman   May-23 1745
SWEETLAND Mary     Mar-21 1697
SWEETLAND Sampson Yeoman   May-16 1723
SYMMONDS John Infant   Mar-12 1738
SYMNARD Richard Wife Of John Husbandman Nov-27 1741
SYMONDS John Son Of John Husbandman Dec-01 1699
TABB Margaret     Nov-21 1731
TANE Richard Pauper   Apr-09 1706
TARR Susanna     Apr-01 1697
TARR ? Benedict     Dec-05 1700
TAVERS William     Jul-01 1714
TAY William     Jul-07 1713
TAYLOR Not Named Wife & Child Of Woltsin   Jun-17 1717
TEMICK Mary Wife Of John   Mar-25 1697
THEVORICK Amy Widow Of Dartmouth Mar-31 1724
THING Anne Dau Of Benjamin & Anne   Dec-03 1721
THORNE Elizabeth Wife Of John Farmer Jun-18 1697
THORNE Elizabeth Dau Of William Husbandman Oct-12 1701
THORNE John Husbandman   Apr-19 1703
THORNE John Son Of Elias & Dorothy   Aug-26 1731
THORNING ? Susanna Wife Of Jude Cooper Jul-28 1702
TINKER Elizabeth Wife Of Peter Of Street Nov-03 1710
TOLCHARD Peter Boy   Oct-11 1737
TOLCHARD Peter Husbandman   May-17 1741
TOLCHARD Richard     Jan-23 1738
TOLCHARD Timothy Sone Of Peter & Richard   May-06 1718
TOLCHER Margery Of East Allington   Mar-29 1729
TOLLAFORD Henry Yeoman   Oct-22 1704
TOOME ? Margarett     Mar-24 1700
TOOPE Henery Son Of John Husbandman Mar-10 1698
TORR Harriet     Mar-18 1736
TORR Mary Maiden Woman   Aug-10 1738
TOWN John Of Thruston   Feb-21 1725
TOWN Richard     Sep-23 1720
TOYE Richard Widow   Sep-09 1705
TRENNECK John Husbandman   Aug-07 1735
TRINICK ? John Yeoman   Jul-18 1704
TRINNICK Dorothy Widow   Jun-07 1743
TROBEARD Nicholas Husbandman   Mar-07 1706
TROTTER Alice     Jun-02 1721
TROUT Rebekah Widow   Apr-13 1722
TROUTE Thomas Infant   Sep-08 1740
TUCKER Agnes Widow   Nov-25 1718
TUCKER Agnes Widow   Apr-14 1728
TUCKER Agnes Maiden   Jan-15 1741
TUCKER Agness     Aug-04 1712
TUCKER Alice Wife Of John Of Street May-07 1729
TUCKER Anne Widow   Jul-20 1737
TUCKER Anne Widow   Apr-10 1744
TUCKER Bob     Oct-18 1700
TUCKER Christopher Son Of John   Mar-30 1697
TUCKER Cicely Robert   Jun-04 1711
TUCKER Crispin Yeoman   Oct-29 1735
TUCKER Elizabeth Dau Of John   May-02 1716
TUCKER Elizabeth Girl   Feb-02 1737
TUCKER Elizabeth Widow   Apr-05 1735
TUCKER Emment Of Slapton   Jul-29 1714
TUCKER George     Aug-30 1719
TUCKER George Son Of John & Alice   Nov-25 1725
TUCKER Jane Dau Of Emment & Jane   Jun-22 1715
TUCKER Jane Dau Of William & Jane   Jul-27 1725
TUCKER Jane Maiden Woman   Feb-01 1747
TUCKER Jane Widow   Nov-25 1735
TUCKER Joan Widow Of Burlestone Oct-28 1731
TUCKER Joan Widow   Feb-25 1732
TUCKER John     Feb-12 1716
TUCKER John Yeoman   Oct-12 1723
TUCKER John Yeoman Of Kent Jun-07 1735
TUCKER John Fishmonger   Aug-29 1742
TUCKER Lewis Son Of Michael   May-10 1722
TUCKER Margaret Single Woman   Nov-27 1702
TUCKER Margarit Widow   Apr-13 1738
TUCKER Mary Dau Of Robert   May-29 1712
TUCKER Mary Maiden Woman   Jan-28 1747
TUCKER Mary Widow   Jun-11 1735
TUCKER Michael Son Of Michael & Elizabeth   Mar-04 1731
TUCKER Miriam Widow   May-29 1742
TUCKER Nicholas Son Of John   Dec-15 1699
TUCKER Nicholas Of Westdown   Jun-15 1718
TUCKER Peter Of Street   Feb-27 1712
TUCKER Peter Son Of Robert Husbandman Jan-20 1724
TUCKER Phillip     Oct-10 1716
TUCKER Rebekah Dau Of John & Joan Of Cornworthy Jun-24 1718
TUCKER Richard Of Street   Nov-21 1717
TUCKER Richard     Jan-04 1731
TUCKER Robert     Oct-06 1712
TUCKER Robert Son Of Chrispin & Jane   Mar-27 1732
TUCKER Rosmond Widow   Sep-22 1700
TUCKER Sarah Of Elias Yeoman Jun-17 1745
TUCKER Susana Widow   Jan-09 1730
TUCKER Thomas     Aug-26 1713
TUCKER Thomas Infant   Jan-15 1743
TUCKER Vincent Husbandman   May-16 1742
TUCKERMAN Agness Dau Of John Yeoman Dec-11 1698
TUCKERMAN Alice Widow   Dec-15 1729
TUCKERMAN Ann Dau Of Matthew ? & Ann   Mar-29 1712
TUCKERMAN Dorothy     Jul-29 1700
TUCKERMAN Dorothy Spinster   Oct-16 1723
TUCKERMAN Elizabeth Wife Of Michael   Aug-11 1725
TUCKERMAN John     Nov-02 1708
TUCKERMAN John Of Down   Feb-26 1722
TUCKERMAN John Husbandman   Dec-06 1744
TUCKERMAN Margaret Widow   Oct-16 1720
TUCKERMAN Mary Single Woman   Jan-11 1701
TUCKERMAN Mary     Mar-12 1710
TUCKERMAN Mary Dau Of Richard & Elizabeth Of Burlestone Jun-15 1719
TUCKERMAN Mary Widow   Aug-04 1729
TUCKERMAN Michael Of Burlestone   Oct-04 1732
TUCKERMAN Nicholas Of Down   Jul-07 1721
TUCKERMAN Nicholas Thatcher   Mar-29 1736
TUCKERMAN Philipa Wife Of Richard   Nov-10 1713
TUCKERMAN Richard Yeoman   Aug-13 1741
TUCKERMAN Richard Of Coomb     May-14 1717
TUCKERMAN Robert     May-16 1697
TUCKERMAN Robert     May-21 1719
TUCKERMAN Susanna Maiden Woman   May-06 1740
TUCKERMAN William     Feb-25 1732
TUCKERMAN Willmot Wife Of Thomas   Mar-27 1716
TUCKERMAN ? Ruth Single Woman   Sep-02 1705
TUDOR Joan Maiden Woman   May-12 1746
VINNING Mary     May-29 1697
WADLAND Dorothy Wife Of John   May-08 1708
WADLAND Elizabeth Wife Of John   Jan-30 1732
WADLAND James     Aug-16 1732
WADLAND John Yeoman   Jan-09 1741
WADLAND Margarett     Apr-29 1708
WAKEHAM John Son Of Walter   Mar-01 1727
WAKEHAM John Of Burlestone   Jul-17 1729
WAKEHAM Thomas Son Of Walter & Elizabeth   Jun-05 1729
WAKEHAM Walter Son Of Walter   Mar-12 1727
WALKINS Thomasin     Apr-10 1697
WEYMOUTH David Miller   Mar-29 1702
WEYMOUTH Honour Of Slapton   Oct-01 1698
WHITE Agnes     Jan-15 1697
WHITE Agnes Widow   Apr-15 1723
WHITE John Taylor     Apr-10 1723
WIDDECOMB Alice Maiden Woman   Aug-16 1740
WILLCOTT William     May-26 1708
WILLIAMS Anne Wife Of John   Jun-03 1725
WILLS Agnes     Dec-16 1721
WILLS Ann Single Woman   Oct-01 1738
WILLS Anne Maiden Woman   Jul-18 1742
WILLS Grace Maiden Woman   Feb-05 1747
WILLS Thomasin Of Seagray ?   Feb-23 1738
WILLS Willmote     Nov-18 1699
WINDSER John     Nov-18 1724
WINDYETT Honor Widow   Jan-26 1723
WINDYETT John Son Of William Tailor Jan-27 1707
WINDYETT Margery Wife Of William Tailor Nov-04 1707
WINDYETT Richard     Jan-21 1709
WINDYETT Richard Of Street   May-22 1716
WINDYETT Thomasine Wife Of John Husbandman Nov-11 1698
WINDYETT William Son Of William Tailor Mar-14 1705
WINTER Edward     Feb-09 1710
WINTER Edward Quarryman   Jul-22 1744
WINTER Elizabeth Widow   Aug-30 1721
WITHAYH Margery Of Coombe   Nov-30 1706
WOOD Elizabeth Infant   Jul-02 1747
WOOD Mrs Mary     Jun-13 1719
WOODY Agnes John Of Street Jun-18 1718
WORKHAM Thomasine Widow Of John Husbandman Apr-15 1723
WOTTON Grace Widow   Jul-25 1698
WOTTON Joan Wife Of Robert   Jun-28 1715
WOTTON Joan     Jun-18 1731
WOTTON Joan     Nov-10 1733
WOTTON John Son Of Richard Husbandman Jun-12 1705
WOTTON Mary Dau Of Richard & Joan   Aug-20 1717
WOTTON Ovil     Mar-19 1708
WOTTON Peter Twin Son Of Richard Husbandman Jun-06 1703
WOTTON Richard Husbandman   Apr-01 1697
WOTTON Richard Son Of Richard Husbandman Jan-22 1707
WOTTON Richard Husbandman   Oct-28 1739
WOTTON Robert Of Padlake   Dec-11 1730
WOTTON Samuel Clothier   May-01 1706
WOTTON Silfnie     Oct-29 1709
WOTTON William Husbandman   May-30 1697
WYATT Mary Dau Of William Tiler Apr-21 1704
WYE Esther Widow   May-04 1736
WYE John     Mar-28 1725
YALLAND Leddygun ? Wife Of William Fuller May-09 1698
YALLAND William     Mar-01 1700
YALLAND William Yeoman   Mar-02 1700


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